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Quality / Mission Statement

FABRI-TECH, A Subsidiary of Hader Industries

A Manufacturer Of:

  • Original Equipment
  • Service Parts
  • Prototypes
  • Fabrications Made of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Material

Our Mission:

  • Is to contribute to the profitability of our customers by providing them with a quality product that will fit their needs or exceed them.
  • Is to provide services and product at an acceptable profit, that are delivered on time, within specification and at a cost effective price.
  • Is to achieve a continuous growth in sales, profits and quality.
  • Is to provide our employees an environment that encourage growth, that maximize their potential and reward them commensurate for their efforts.
  • Is to provide a fair return to our investors.
  • Is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural welfare of the community in which our operations are located.

Wayne K. Hader
Chief Executive Officer David Werner
Vice President General Manager